DevOps Engineer

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 Design, setup & maintenance of the core infrastructure that runs our online business
 Supporting the whole platform, using technical analysis to improve the reliability and scalability of the whole system
 Working closely with the developers to create solutions to deploy and monitor their

 Designing and building the automation frameworks for deploying, managing, and monitoring services
 Regularly checking the monitor alarms, diagnosing the symptoms, analyzing the root
causes and making preventive plans

 BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science/Engineering, or relevant engineering/science fields
 3+ years of experience in a DevOps role in ISP, IaaS, PaaS or SaaS industries
 3+ years’ Linux server administration experience - deep understanding of Unix/Linux
 Hands-on scripting and coding experience with Python, Shell scripting, etc.
o C++, Java, and GoLang experience is a big plus
 Extensive relational database experience
 Extensive network knowledge about TCP/IP protocol suites, network security, and experience with tools like Wireshark, dig, curl, etc.
 Working experience in one or more of following areas will be a big plus:
o Public Cloud platforms, i.e., AWS, Google App Engine
o Configuration management tools, i.e., Ansible, Puppet, etc.
o Commercial or open source monitoring systems, i.e., Nagios, Zabbix, Open Falcon, etc.
o Automated deployment/ Continuous Integration tools, i.e., Maven, Jenkins, SVN,GitHub, etc.
o Virtualization and Linux containers, i.e., KVM, Docker, etc.
o Cluster management/orchestration software, i.e., Mesos, Kubernetes, etc.
o Big data processing, i.e., Apache Kafka, Storm, Hadoop, Spark etc.
o Web server and HTTP proxy servers, i.e., Tomcat, Nginx, Squid etc.
 Excellent critical thinking, communication, presentation, documentation, troubleshooting,and collaborative problem-solving skills
 Passion for agile, test-driven development, and automation
 Mandarin speaker is preferred

What We Offer
QUANTIL offers competitive salaries with demonstrated experience. Employee benefits include:
 US company stock options
 Medical, Dental and Vision Plan
 Paid vacations and holidays
 401K plan






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